Launched in Autumn 2016 and borne out of a passion for growing and arranging stunning blooms, here at Folly Lane we offer a completely bespoke service, using seasonal, British grown flowers for your wedding or event.

Sustainability and eco friendly practises are at the heart of our work. Most of the flowers used in our floral arrangements are grown here in our gardens or sourced locally. All our flowers are grown with love and care, totally naturally, using age old techniques. We work with the seasons, revelling in the changes that come with them and embracing the unique character of each flower.


We never use floral foam, avoid single use plastics and do what we can to make sure that our carbon footprint is kept to the bare minimum. It's so important to us that flowers, one of the most naturally beautiful things in the world, shouldn't cost us our earth. But we're also on a mission to prove that considering your carbon footprint at your wedding shouldn't mean giving up on those stunning floral arrangements you've dreamed of!


So, if your passionate about beautiful flowers and keen to keep your wedding green, we should talk - we can't wait to hear from you!




By choosing British grown you are helping the environment!

Many shop-bought flowers from commercial florists are imported from mega-farms in Africa and South America where they are pumped with artificial fertilisers and flown to market in Europe. While many people in Britain care about the importance of keeping down food miles, few consider the exact same impact they are having on the environment when they buy flowers.

The good news is you can buy local - our own flowers are grown without the use of chemicals and fed with natural feeds. We try to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible, doing our growing the good old fashioned way with methods and techniques as passed down the generations. 


Plus, lots of flowers means happy bees and butterflies - and who could possibly argue against that! 


Nothing beats the smell of a home grown sweet pea, or a freshly picked rose! Our flowers are chosen with scent in mind, as well as look, to create an all round feast for the senses.

All of our flowers are bursting with character too, with no two blooms the same,  lending themselves beautifully to creating wild and dramatic arrangements which are totally  unique!


Our flowers go straight from our garden directly to you, so by cutting out all the middle-men homegrown flowers can be very cost effective! Bridal bouquets start from £90, bridesmaids bouquets from £50, and button-holes from £8.

If all of this floats your boat, do get in touch to see how we can help out! 




Hello there, I am Ella, AKA Folly Lane! I have been gardening my whole life, and although technically my background is in theatre and architecture, I have devoted the past few years to creating a beautiful garden and flower farm in the picturesque East Devon hills. 

I think it's just wonderful to watch the genesis of a flower - from seed, to bloom, to arrangement for a special day. 

Our rural setting - complete with plenty of curious farm animals, and not to mention our very helpful cats and chickens who like to get stuck in with the gardening - is a great inspiration for our wild and whimsical creations.  My floral style is fairly wild and whimsical, making the most of colour and texture, to create pieces full of drama and interest.

Oh, and in case you were wondering where the 'Folly' in Folly Lane Flowers comes from  - it's the miniature ruined castle at the bottom of our garden! It's a long story... involving an eccentric builder and his quest to use up all the spare stone laying around... 

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Wild, natural and unique floral arrangements using home grown flowers for weddings and events in Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

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