Photos: November in the flower garden

After what seemed like an impossibly long and glorious Autumn, it seems that Winter has finally arrived, in all it's glittering frosty wonder. The beginning of the month was mild, bringing with it an unexpected late flush of roses and the dahlias, gladiolus, penstemon and many other autumnal delights continued working valiantly until the middle of the month when the first frosts made an appearance. Then up came the gladioli bulbs, up came the dahlia corms, and into the ground went the tulip bulbs. I can't wait until spring to see them rear their sleepy heads.

We have started work on a whole load of new beds in the upper half of the garden. After working tirelessly this spring rotavating, levelling, spreading grass seed and then waiting patiently for it to grow, just so we had a lovely level lawn area for a marquee for our wedding this summer, it seems strange to be digging it up already! But more growing space is what we need, so goodbye empty space, hello lots more flowers (and veg)!

Outside it's dark, the frost covered garden glittering magically in the moonlight and the grass crunching under foot as we walk across the garden to say goodnight to the chickens. Inside the fire is roaring, I have a cup of tea in my hand and a stack of seed catalogues by my side. This is what winter is about!

#smallholding #winter #flowers #gardening #flowerbeds #frost

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