January & February. New Year, New... Potting Shed

With all the enthusiasm and energy that comes with the New Year, we set about on the first of this years garden projects; a lovely new potting shed. It will take no more than two weeks, we said. We were wrong, oh so wrong.

While I normally revel in the changes of the seasons and the weather that comes with it, I think we can all agree that sometimes this mid-winter, soak you to your skin, chill you to your core, utterly persistent rain can be a bit of a bore. And the mud, oh, the mud!

Unfortunately squelching around in thick clay based mud never does anything to speed things up. So two weeks inevitably rolled into two months.

Still, we got there in the end, and it was so, so worth it! The shed is up - it's warm, it's dry, it's light and it's even got a radio.

This week, far earlier than ever before, I've already managed to sow thousands of seeds, all of which are now snuggled up in their cozy beds of potting compost, soon to unfurl their sleepy heads. I just can't wait until the first shoot appears in a couple of weeks!

Up until this point we have been gardening without any form of garden outbuildings, so this time last year all of my windowsills were crammed with trays of newly sown seeds. Not ideal. I'm just so happy that I finally have a potting shed, but it certainly won't stop here. A greenhouse next please, and then a poly-tunnel, I think.... perhaps we'll give ourselves a more realistic time schedule for those.

#gardening #smallholding #flowers #pottingshed #seeds #winter #mud

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